Welcome to SimpleALARM

SimpleALARM is a free web based alarm monitoring system for your Mitel 3300 PBXes. Yes, it is FREE! To see what it looks like please use the Demo that is now available, just follow the Login link and use demo/demo to login.

How does it work?

SimpleALARM uses a Perl script that runs on an Windows PC/Server or a Linux PC/Server that can reach the PBX(es) that are to be monitored via IP. This uses SNMP to check the alarm state of the PBX and if there is a change of this alarm state it will update a database and send an alert via email to an address you provide with the new alarm state. You can then monitor the state of the PBX via any web browser.

How do you use it?

Due to the difficulty in keeping people honest I will not be able to host this online any longer so I have instead provided the source code in Github. This is still a work in progress so be patient. Essentially all you need is a LAMP server of any variation with MySQL, PHP and Perl installed, download the files from Github, configure the config.ini file and away you go. There will be more detailed instruction in the Github downloads.